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Walking Food Tours

Join us on a Food on Foot or Drinks on Foot walking tour in one of the worlds friendliest and tastiest cities, Dublin. You’ll join a local, authentic experience. Our walking food tours take place in the Liberties, the heart and soul of Dublin city centre. Every turn, every corner, every cobblestone has a tale to tell. Our fun knowledgeable guides will share the amazing stories and delicious local tastes our city has to offer.

About Walking Food Tours

“Our Passion is Irish Food and Drink and we want to share it with you”

Fáilte and Welcome to Walking Food Tours. 

Our mission is to share the traditional stories and tastes behind great Irish Food and Drinks. During our tours you take a walking journey through the streets of Dublin’s fair city experiencing how the locals eat and drink.

We have two fantastic tours on offer: Food on Foot, and Drinks on Foot. You will be guided to five local, independently run stops on each tour.

I am extremely passionate about Irish Food and Drinks. With over thirty thousand hours working and learning in these industries to date, I want to share my passion, experience and expertise with you.

Kevin Adams

(Walking Food Tours)

What Visitors say

“This was the best part of our trip to Ireland! Kevin's love for Dublin City's hidden gems, and for the warm hospitality and incredible food and drink you'll find with him is utterly infectious. I highly recommend booking a tour.
Karen Griffin (San Francisco, USA)
“Brilliant tours and amazing value for money. Our guide Kevin immersed us in the great story and tastes of Dublin. I never expected Irish food to be so tasty. Highly recommend!“
James Creaney, Manchester, UK
“Went on both tours; especially liked the Drinks on Foot tour, as we went to hidden pubs and experienced Dublin as a local. I’ve been to Dublin over 10 times and this was the first time I was in Real pubs, not just tourist places”
Fabio Terebinto, Milan, Italy

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