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About Us

“Our Passion is Irish Food and Drinks and we want to share it with you”

Hello and Welcome to Walking Food Tours. Thanks for visiting our site.

Our mission is to share the traditional stories and tastes behind great Irish Food and Drinks. During our tours you will walk through the streets of Dublin fair city experiencing how the locals eat and drink.

We have two fantastic tours on offer: Food on Foot, and Drinks on Foot. You will be guided to five local, independently run stops on each tour.

I am extremely passionate about Irish Food and Beer. With over thirty thousand hours working and learning in these industries to date, I want to share my passion, experience and expertise with you.

Kevin Adams

 ( Walking Food Tours)

“I don’t like to use the word tourist, I prefer visitor”.

Our experience is genuine and unscripted. Our guides will immerse you in the authentic story behind Irish food and drink using their passion, expertise and local knowledge.

“You will not eat or drink from a tourist menu”.

Although our stops are surprise stops (we feel that is part of the fun) the routes are specifically chosen to incorporate historical stories about Dublin and Ireland. Throughout our journey you will make new friends and experience some of the best flavours and venues of Dublin has to offer.

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